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Whole history about Drift Factory!
10th September 2004. Drift Factory was created.

I had been racing before, because i didn’t even know what “drifting” meant, what kind of sport it is. After one year of racing I have found some LFS drift movies and slowly I found my passion and switched to drifting. I have met Keitaro and Bart on some drift server and decided to create a team together. After one week of thinking about what name we were going to use, I came up with “Drift Factory”, but Keitaro and Bart with “Dorifto Kids” and that name was not my taste. I decided to create a team myself and get my friend “Kuchcik” to the team. I didn’t speak English that time, so the team was open only for Polish people, but I invited a guy, Mantas who wasn’t Polish. Later on, in the next couple of weeks I invited Pingwin, Akagi with his brother Speeder (aka “Akagi2”) and Timo to the team.






The team kept forming, and soon there were quite a few members:

[dF]Akagi2 aka “Speeder”

S1 times were great, but it was also time for something fresh. S2 came out. Drift Factory became “S2 only” drift team, therefore most of the members had to leave. 12510713_1696446210600431_1574800273_oMost of the frustrating moments came in S2. Drift Factory was about to die 3 times between 2005-2008. I decided that I want to keep my team alive, I had to become more responsible even though I didn’t have too much time for the team. Then I had a new idea, I wanted the team to reborn, so I started to work on it. I suspended Drift Factory, everything was gone, website, server, no one had dF tags either, but there was something else instead.

5 Elements.final
This was the name of a project I created. Its purpose was to select and bring 5 new people to the team. I was seeking for new members, making sure they would be good enough to be in a bigger team. The project was successful, and I managed to find 5 talented drifters and very good friends who drift well and are fun.


After this project, the original team was opened again, refreshed.

There are now new rules and things to consider. Everyone appreciates being in a team, taking things more seriously. Everybody is expected to be more active. All this brought us closer, much more like a good proper team whose members are not only driving partners but friends who stick together. This big change was necessary to restore the once more professional Drift Factory.

Now we are back in a more organized manner, ready to make the name as big as it was before.

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