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Fokin is back to our team!
KUB | 17.10.2016
Happy to announce that our very good family member is back to our crew. Welcome back! Fokin is on the board with us again 🙂 Posting also a small preview of upcoming Drift Factory 2016 Promo. Check screenshot: ... Czytaj więcej
DF – 12 years anniversary!
Tarc | 10.10.2016
Hello everyone! We are proud to announce that Drift Factory is 12 years old today. We are extremely happy to have been part of the LFS community since 2004 and experienced a lot of fun, met a lot of great drivers, hosted and been part of many competitions, and have had our dedicated team server and website that we cont ... Czytaj więcej
Anton joining our family!
KUB | 07.09.2016
I’m happy to announce our new family member 🙂 Warm welcome for Anton 🙂 <3 It’s great to have you in our team. Anton was invited to our team because he is a great person and his drifting skills are very good. Always full of laughs moments with him. Very helpful person in administrative cases of our ... Czytaj więcej
Gintas and Valdas joined our family!
KUB | 31.05.2016
I’m happy to announce our two new family members 🙂 Warm welcome for Valdas and Gintas. Welcome to our family guys. Gintas is a very friendly person which you can talk about anything and also he is a very talented drifter. Valdas is a guy who is also friendly and is an expert about setups for any kind of cars i ... Czytaj więcej
A legend is back!
KUB | 05.03.2016
Now it’s 100% sure information that our legend member Pingwin is back to Drift Factory after many years of inactivity! It’s a big pleasure to have you back in our family. You always been a part of it and you always will be <3Formation on the screen should be a good example of how Drift Factory was look i ... Czytaj więcej
Warlock is back to our family!
KUB | 02.09.2015
A very good news for us. Kristof Kerekes aka Warlock is back to our team !! Welcome back in our family Kristof and we hope that we will spend a lot great times again together on Live for Speed routes smoking tires badly like in past. Hopefully we can manage a bigger sessions with other team members and rock & roll ... Czytaj więcej
Back to the days on Kyoto Ring
KUB | 31.08.2015
#TRAIN @ Kyoto Ring! Very fun times! Going to post a Drift Factory 2010 Promo where you will find some cool actions of that great train we had <3 On the pictures you can see our members such as: eCkO. , Mr.Sky, Artii, Budoka, Kub, Felly. There will be also a post of the 2010 promo of our sexy asses so check the next ... Czytaj więcej
KUB | 25.07.2015
Welcome to our website dedicated to our team Drift Factory which has existed since 2004 and in a controlled skid travels through routes in a game called Live for Speed. We also want to announce that our website will have all kinds of information about events and sessions of our team on our official server in the game L ... Czytaj więcej
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