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Drift Factory 2008 Promo!
KUB | 16.10.2016
To remind oldskool times on our new Drift Factory website we want to bring back some great memories of the 2008 year. Great team sessions and very good mood in our family.   ... Czytaj więcej
Drift Factory Session @2008
KUB | 04.04.2016
Check out dF 8 years ago in my beloved video! (Tarc) The memories <3 Our team server always welcomed anyone, individuals or other teams, friends, with whom we had great twins, train drifts, battles or simple fun. I feel those times were different, or it could be mere nostalgia 🙂 I’m proud to say our server ... Czytaj więcej
Preparing for 2016 Promo!
KUB | 06.03.2016
Soon we will start working on our new promotional film for this year. Since 2010, there were several attempts to create videos promoting our drive in the game Live for Speed, but for lack of time has never been finished. This time we will definitely be able to do a really smashing video of our drifting. So far, letR ... Czytaj więcej
Drift Factory 2010 Promo!
KUB | 01.09.2015
Here it is! One of the best Drift Factory Promo videos and it will take you to a very good trip in Live for Speed routes. Drift Factory decided that will brought out from the stables their drift cars and blowout routes such as fernbay, south city, kyoto ring, and many more. We invite you to watch because it worth it. ... Czytaj więcej
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